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Download Talking Time Keeper for PC

For the latest FREE download of Talking Time Keeper on PC, just click the button below...
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*  If you already have Talking Time Keeper on your computer and want to update to
the newest version, remember to shut it down before installing.


Sound-Alike Celebrity Voices is a website that makes and sells sound-alike voices for various
applications and devices, including Talking Time Keeper. Click on the Celebrity Voices
icon above to go to the Celebrity Voices purchase page. You can listen to samples from
the list below first if you like. The first voice on the list is completely FREE courtesy
of CelebrityVoices Ltd
Morgan Freeman Download FREE Voice Listen to sample

Ozzy Osbourne Buy Voice Listen to sample
Robert De Niro Buy Voice Listen to sample
Simon Cowell Buy Voice Listen to sample
Michael Caine Buy Voice Listen to sample

Free TTK Voices

To download FREE standard Talking Time Keeper voices, just select the voice below.
Each are between 1Mb and 2Mb in size.You can listen to a sample of the voice first if you wish.
Jessica Listen to sample
Elisabeth Listen to sample
Kathleen Listen to sample
Rhiannon Listen to sample
Donna Listen to sample

 Free TTK Skins

To download a different set of FREE graphics for Talking Time Keeper's interface, just select a file below.
Each are around 1Mb to 2Mb in size.
Default Download Default Skin View sample
Pearl Download Pearl Skin View sample
Mooo Cow! Download Mooo Cow! Skin View sample
Universe Download Universe Skin View sample
Seaworld Download Seaworld Skin View sample
Flowers Download Flowers Skin View sample
Psychedelic Download Psychedelic Skin View sample
Sunset Download Sunset Skin View sample
Landscape Download Landscape Skin View sample

User Requested skins...

Stars and Stripes Download Stars and Stripes Skin View sample
Union Jack Download Union Jack Skin View sample
Italia Download Italia Skin View sample
(More to come soon...)

You can now create your own skins using the easy to use TTK Skin Building Tool,
available for free in the latest version of Talking Time Keeper!