The Complete Desktop Time Package

Speak time and date with real voices - DIY voice builder - reminders, alarms,
countdown, snooze - atomic time synchronization - 250+ editable world
times - day and night map - moon phase - stopwatch - calendar - animated
window with customizable skins. For Windows (all)

Welcome to the Talking Time Keeper Website

What is Talking Time Keeper?

Talking Time Keeper(TTK) is a program encompassing a wide range of useful time
and date related features. As the name suggests, TTK also has the ability to use
built in real life sampled voices, both male and female to tell you the time and/or date,
either at the click of a button,or at specified intervals. It also comes complete with an easy to use Voice Builder tool, so you
can make your own voices to include in TTK. All you need is a microphone!
TTK is not lacking in the visual department either, with it's beautiful
state of the art animated interface. You also have the option of downloading
extra skins for TTK's interface, or even build your own. Although TTK
is perfect for work related use, it lends itself well to many uses on
a personal level, and this is not ignored. For example, if you're missing
someone overseas, you can record their voice to tell you the time, keep
track of the current time at their location, be able to tell at the click
of a button whether it's night or day where they are, and even personalise
your TTK display window with a photo of your choice.
Talking Time Keeper Features
Speaking the Time and/or Date
Getting TTK to tell you the time is easy, all you have to do is press the TTK
icon in the Windows system tray. You can also configure TTK to tell you the time every quarter hour, half hour, or hour. Useful
for keeping you up to date with the time without even having to look!
Setting an alarm that tells you the time and/date on triggering is also
a simple task in TTK.
Date in the System Tray
TTK has the option of placing the day of the month in the system tray, which is
very handy, as by default Windows does not display the date.
Reminders, Alarms and Countdown Timers
You can set an almost infinite number of alarms to go off, with incredibly versatile
yet easy to use settings. You can set alarms to trigger once only, regularly,
daily, weekly, yearly, on startup, or even as a countdown timer. On the alarm
triggering, TTK can show a message, tell you the time and/or date, sound an alarm
(with the option to add your own sounds, including mp3 music files), show a picture
(you can supply your own if you wish), and even run a program of your choice
(a very powerful feature for a vast range of uses), or any combination
of the above. All with a snooze option when triggered.
TTK's calendar can be used to view the current, past or future months.
It will also insert labels to indicate any days that you have set an alarm to go off.
World Time
TTK has a comprehensive database of over 250 locations around the
world, including every single capital city. Any of these can be viewed, to keep
track of the local time at that location. Time zones and Daylight Saving
Time are calculated automatically with TTKs built in regional rules. So
what if a country changes their rules for Daylight Saving Time (as some
countries do from year to year)? No problem, each location is completely
configurable, including the name of the location.
Day And Night Map
Ever wanted to see a map of the world with areas of night
time, day time and even twilight time on it? Well now you can at the click of
a button. In the same window you'll also be presented with the current
phase of the moon. Clicking anywhere on the world map will give you instant
information about the time until next sunrise and sunset at the selected
location. Also, you can even select the map into your desktop wallpaper
(updated every 5 mins).
Stop Watch
Time anything you want with TTK's stop watch. Complete with lap
timer, and lap time list. You can have as many stop watches on your screen as
you like.

Time Synchronisation
TTK can access an atomic clock on the internet, in order to adjust your PC's time to
the exact correct time.
You can configure TTK to suit your needs, with a wide range of easy to use options.
One click away is any information you desire, all in one window. There's even an
option to include a picture of your choice. Add a loved one's photo!
Animated Window and Graphics
TTK has it's own unique graphical style, including a
beautiful animated main window using time lapse photography of the sky.

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