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What is Trivia Millionaire?

Trivia Millionaire is a trivia game which has similarities to the popular TV show where contestants answer general knowledge questions of increasing difficulty to try to win as much as possible, and ultimately win the top prize of one million. The questions can be on any topic, and include picture questions. Up to nine players can play at once, each having three methods of help at their disposal. Firstly there is the 'Joker'. This gives you the correct answer for a question you are stuck on, but you can only use it once. The 'Clue' takes away two wrong answers, leaving you a choice of two remaining answers. Again this can only be used once. The 'Gamble' is for when you're desperate to carry on, but have no other help left. As the name suggests however, this is a bit risky. You only have a 50/50 chance of continuing. The game is rich in graphical effects and stereo sound, and includes a real person's voice, who helps you on your way.