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What is Talking Calculator?

Talking Calculator is designed to be a simple, easy to use calculator for home or in the office, much like a desk calculator which you use everyday for simple calculations, from totting up expenses to converting miles to kilometres. Being on your PC however, you can benefit from many improvements such as a history list and being able to cut and paste numbers between applications. As the name suggests though, Talking Calculator's main feature is the ability to talk to you. To some people this may be just a fun novelty, but the idea behind it is to make simple calculating tasks much more convenient and efficient. If you've ever toiled away on a calculator for any period of time, you may well find it tiring and tedious to continually read and write down numbers from the calculator display, especially if the numbers are large or have many decimal places. This can also lead to mistakes being made. It's always easier and less prone to human error to have someone read the numbers out for you. It's not just some computerised voice either. The voice is a high quality sample of a real person. Those who may find Talking Calculator especially useful though are those who are visually impaired.